genesMy Barfing Genes

My Barfing Genes

Why do some people get sick from getting whipped around by a carnival ride or even riding in a car?

giftsHoliday Shopping

Holiday Shopping

‘Tis the season. Shopping season, that is. Choosing just the thing for this nephew or that in-law is tough. Nobody wants to throw money away on gifts that aren’t appreciated. We’re wandering do...

carsickHoliday Travel And Motion Sickness

Holiday Travel And Motion Sickness

Holiday travel is coming up and you’re dreading it. Not because Uncle Jimmy’s going to eat too much and sprawl all over the couch, but because you suffer from wicked motion sickness and the jour...

motion sicknessUnexpected Triggers Of Motion Sickness

Unexpected Triggers Of Motion Sickness

Do you suffer from motion sickness? If so, you know there are classic triggers, such as riding in the backseat of a moving car, flying in a small (or large) plane, or rocking in a boat. But for ...

motion sicknessHow Reliefband Works

How Reliefband Works

Do you suffer from motion or morning sickness? It’s awful to live with, isn’t it! If you’re new to Reliefband®, we believe you’re about to meet your favorite piece of technology. Reliefband® is ...

motion sicknessTime For Autumn Vacay!

Time For Autumn Vacay!

What?! Who takes vacations in autumn? We’re all exhausted from summer travels (not to mention kids at home 24/7). In the autumn, we spend our days at work and our nights planning our holiday and...