My Barfing Genes

My Barfing Genes

Carnivals are fun. They just are. You and a bunch of friends out on a Friday night, eating cotton candy and chugging massively sugary drinks—what’s not to love?

And the rides! The Zillerator Coaster, the Spin Out, the Footloose, the Ring of Fire, the Scrambler and the rest, all designed to put your insides through a blender. It’s a major rush, right?

Not so much for some of us.

For every 100 people on a ride, one-third of them are at risk of breaking out in a cold sweat and feeling nauseated, maybe even barfing due to motion sickness.

Why do some people get sick from getting whipped around by a carnival ride or even riding in a car?

Researchers at 23andMe decided to dig into the genetics of 80,000+ individuals in their database to see if there was a connection between one’s genes and motion sickness.

Turns out there is. The genetic connection is pretty strong for those of us who live with motion sickness, as noted by researcher Bethann Hromatka,“It’s estimated that up to 70 percent of a person’s risk for motion sickness is due to genetics.”

Genes are what we inherit – they’re the programming we’re born with and they determine the shape of our ears or the color of our hair. Apparently, some of them also determine the likelihood of our experiencing motion sickness.

It is what it is, but don’t go yelling at mom and dad. It’s just the luck of the genetic shuffle.

Instead of kicking walls and trying to figure out how to change your genes (probably not gonna happen), learn to control the nausea, retching, and vomiting associated with motion sickness with Reliefband®. When you slip on this FDA-cleared device, it provides a gentle pulse to the underside of your wrist to “turn off” those nasty sensations. 

So go ahead, live your life in full motion with Reliefband.  It’s that simple.

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