Holiday Escape

Holiday Escape

The holidays are right around the corner. Bet you can just imagine all of the dinners and friends and gift wrapping and decorating to come.

Good times, right?

We know what you’re really thinking . . . escape!

You’re feeling that urge we all get around this time of year. The one that wants to say no to cleaning behind the fridge (who looks there, anyway?), and shake your head uh-uh to hosting yet another ginormous holiday all-day meal. Or worse, drive three hours through snow and ice to get to grandma’s and sweat through a ginormous holiday all-day meal with nephew Stevie slobbering all over your dessert.

The secret is to slip out of town for a few days. Take the train or hop in your car and go check out that cozy B&B you’ve been thinking about.

Give yourself a breather. It’s allowed.

Pack your Reliefband® for the ride. Bring a book or some old movies and fuzzy socks and you’ve got yourself a long weekend of pampering right in the middle of the chaos.

Aaahhhhh. Talk about a happy holiday!

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