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VR Is Everywhere!

VR Is Everywhere!

Virtual Reality (VR) is popping up in surprisingly useful places. It’s gone way beyond gaming, although games such as Fallout 4 and Elite: Dangerous still get plenty of attention.

For instance, Wisconsin Oven lets potential customers walk through their facility on a VR tour. Forget catalogs when you can actually see how the ovens are made.

Surgeons can practice procedures before getting near the operating room. This allows them to work out most problems before touching their patient. We all support this, right?

Therapists treat us through exposure therapy using VR. Afraid of spiders? No problem, just slip on a VR headset and you’ll see a teeny spider in the distance. Gradually, as your fear decreases due to repeated exposure to more and bigger spiders, you’ll be able to keep a tarantula around the house.

Well, you get the idea, anyway.

VR’s potential is limited only by our imaginations. But, during this explosive exploration, we hope designers work on the nuts and bolts of making the VR world seamless to our eyes.

If the timing is just a teensy bit off, many users will feel a rush of VR-related motion sickness. Unlike the VR world, the nausea is IRL (In Real Life).

The good news is, Reliefband® on the wrist controls the nausea, retching, and vomiting of VR-related motion sickness. Slip it on, turn it on, and Live Life in Full Motion. Enjoy Virtual Reality, no matter the reason you find yourself there.

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