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Time For Autumn Vacay!

Time For Autumn Vacay!

What?! Who takes vacations in autumn? We’re all exhausted from summer travels (not to mention kids at home 24/7).

In the autumn, we spend our days at work and our nights planning our holiday and winter vacations.

Well, turns out that autumn is the perfect vacation season. Everyone else is back in school or at work, so fewer crowds, nicer weather, and did we mention the kids are back in school?

Now is the time to decompress, between the chaos of summer and the nonstop holidays. There’s a place you can go where the loudest thing you’ll hear is the ocean lapping the shoreline. No cars and not many people to disturb your long walks on Bald Head Island, North Carolina. Get a little daring on your last night and take the Ghost Walk tour.

Pennsylvania Dutch Country (a.k.a. Lancaster, PA, and surrounding areas) is the antiquer’s paradise. Just north of Lancaster, 3,000+ antique dealers wait to share a piece of history and a story to go with it, if you have the time. Rambling around the area during harvest season is a treat for the senses as every leaf is in the process of dazzling us with color or wafting to earth for the winter, and the scent of apples blankets the town. Watch out for those corn mazes—you wouldn’t be the first to panic at yet another dead end.

Nestled in the shadows of the Cascade Mountains, Leavenworth, WA, is a tiny Bavarian village that celebrates Octoberfest for the entire month of October, and then erupts in twinkly holiday lights that cover every tree and building in the city limits. When you’re tired of strolling the beautiful lanes, you can jump in a kayak or on a horse and get your outdoorsy on. You’re in the Northwest, after all!

All of these destinations sound great, but those of us who live with motion sickness never think about such vacations without also thinking of how sick we’re going to get in transit.

You know what? We say enough! Enough with the cold sweats, nausea, and vomiting. We have Reliefband® to treat those nasty symptoms of motion sickness. No drugs, just slip it on your wrist and adjust the power to suit your needs.

Take control, and live your life in full motion. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

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