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Winter Dreams Of Summer Days

Winter Dreams Of Summer Days

It’s deep winter. Snow is piling up in parts of the country, and the miserable weather does not invite us to frolic outdoors.

What are we to do?

Simple. We cozy up by the fire and dream our dreams of summer.

And nothing says summer like sailing. Sunlight sparkling on the water’s surface, almost blinding in its brilliance, and the constant spray of water keeping the deck cool beneath your feet.

The best part—you’re traveling on the wind and dancing with nature.

Sailing is terrifying, peaceful, physically difficult, and satisfying to the soul.

Sailboats come in all sizes. As long as the boat has a mast and a piece of fabric to catch the wind, it’s a sailboat, and if you live near a big pond or lake, wide river or (gulp) the ocean, you can sail.

But wait. This all sounds dreamy, right? Except for the fact that you get seasick?

We feel your pain. Or should we say we feel your nausea!

That’s why we do what we do. Reliefband® is FDA-cleared wearable tech that stops nausea associated with motion sickness before it starts, or if you left it too late, will quickly stop nausea and vomiting once you put the device on your wrist and turn it on.

Here’s what Reliefband® user Ron Moore says, “I always got sick deep sea fishing. I bought one of these years ago and I was the only person in our group that didn’t get sick.”

Can’t beat that!

Don’t let preventable nausea stop you from grabbing life and living large.

See you out there!

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