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Morning Sickness Beyond Three Months

Morning Sickness Beyond Three Months

Giving birth and raising a child—there’s nothing like it, right? Starting or growing your family is what it’s all about. Humans are tribal by nature and we all want to be a part of a clan, our own clan.

Pregnancy, on the other hand, can feel isolating. Your partner wants to help, your parents fuss and make casseroles, but at the end of the day, it’s you and Herbert or Harriet, your baby-to-be.

Morning sickness, the nausea and (sometimes) vomiting that strikes multiple times throughout the day, can be pretty awful. But it’s considered by many doctors to be an indication that the placenta is developing as it should, so it’s a good thing. To the doctors, it’s a good thing. To you, not so much.

The better news is that typically it’s gone after about 12 weeks, except when it’s not.

Some pregnant women experience morning sickness during their entire pregnancy.

There are a few things you can do to get through morning sickness, whether it lasts for 12 weeks or 40 weeks:

  • Keep plain crackers by your bed and munch on them before you get up in the morning, or anytime during the night if you’re feeling peckish.
  • Eat five to seven small meals spaced out over the day.
  • Stay hydrated!
  • Don’t stay in stuffy areas, and keep the air moving by opening a window or turning on a fan.
  • Put on your Reliefband® before you get out of bed in the morning, and anytime you feel a hint of nausea coming on.

Morning sickness can be managed, and the symptoms of nausea and vomiting can be prevented or treated by wearing a Reliefband®.

You will at some point stop feeling nauseous and deliver Herbert or Harriet!

One thing to consider: If your morning sickness seems excessive – you keep vomiting and food just won’t stay down – contact your healthcare provider. You may have hyperemesis gravidarum, and that requires medical attention.

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