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VR Sickness Stinks!

VR Sickness Stinks!

Virtual reality (VR) is teetering on the edge of becoming the next big thing.

Will we make it a part of our daily lives, as we have smartphones and tablets? Well, it’s hard to say. But gamers and others who currently use it tend to love it—except for one thing . . .

VR sickness!

Motion sickness and VR sickness are triggered by the same mechanisms.

What you see in the world of virtual reality doesn’t match up with what your body feels in the real world, just as what you see when you’re reading in a car doesn’t match up with the movement of the car that your body feels.

Although you’re not really rocketing through the air on a rollercoaster in VR, that’s what your mind perceives, yet your body isn’t experiencing the same movement.

When there’s a disconnect between what you see and what you feel, nausea generally follows.

If you love VR but suffer from VR sickness, try Reliefband to stop the nausea. And please, let us know how it goes!


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