Larissa D

I get motion sickness on anything that moves. It's ridiculous really, I can can get sick driving around town as a passenger in a car!  So when I was planning my trip to Europe, I was nervous because I knew there was going to be several times I would be getting motion sick. And then someone told me about the ReliefBand. Oh. My. Gosh. This thing works!!! It sends these little shock waves(no it doesn't hurt) to your brain to get rid of the nauseousness. It has settings so you can turn it up if you start feeling sick. I put the band on before an activity I would normally get sick and I felt NOTHING! I did every mode of transportation on this trip: planes (that had turbulence), cars (Europe drivers take turns quickly and drive fast...not exactly a smooth ride), big and little busses (on curvy roads), trains (I even sat backwards!), and boats! I never felt nauseous once. NOT ONCE! It sure isn't a fashion statement, but if you have ever gotten motion sickness you would pick this over that feeling any day. Seriously, best thing I have ever bought. I just had to share. Hopefully it can help someone else out there! #reliefband #notnauseous #nomoremotionsicknessforme

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