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Thanksgiving Preparations

Thanksgiving Preparations

Thanksgiving is next week. For many of us, that means family and food and travel.

Maybe the gang is driving to your house this year. In which case, please stop reading and start cooking.

Or maybe you’re packing up the car (and kids, if you have them) and driving to your mom’s, or your brother’s. Not driving? Perhaps the plan is to drive, park, fly, drive, and collapse at Grandma’s house.

We can’t really help you with the packing, other than to suggest you count heads before you leave the driveway. Nobody wants a Home Alone event.

But we do have a quick tip for the actual travel portion of the week ahead. Bring a Reliefband or two. When the nausea and vomiting of motion sickness come calling, you need to slam that door and lock it.

That’s about all we have to say. We know your head is stuffed (pun intended) with plans for the coming days — we wish you and yours a safe and healthy journey.

Well, there is one more thing.

We are thankful for you, our customers, every day of the year. We just wanted to take this time to tell you that. It’s important that you know how we feel.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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