Pregnant? Let’s Tell Some People!

Pregnant? Let’s Tell Some People!

Pregnancy is the best news ever, and it deserves to be shared in a special way!

We took a trip around the Web and found all sorts of fun ways to spread the news. Take a look—

At there were a bunch of cute tells shared online. A couple of our favorites were the mom-to-be who took a shower and wrote a note on the foggy glass for her hubby to find during his shower the next morning, and the woman who created a flyer announcing the pregnancy, which she had her parents’ paperboy insert in their morning newspaper.

Next we stopped by and found a few adorable tells. If you have a child still sleeping in a crib, hang an eviction notice on there with a vacate date! Take a picture and send it out. Or, grab the toilet in the classic morning sickness pose while your partner pats your back and reads the What To Expect book. Take a picture, send it out. (Oh, and about the morning sickness, you’re going to want to check us out🙂 found fresh tells, such as this tech-savvy method: photograph three generations of smartphones of tablets, with the newest one decorated in baby wear, or use a baby toy version.

Send out to everyone!

Oh, and we can’t leave out the motherlode (no pun intended). Pinterest! Look up pregnancy announcements and you’ll find cuties like mock-up movie posters, mom’s and dad’s clothing pinned on a line to dry, along with a baby’s outfit, or mom and dad riding a bike while towing a tricycle behind them.

So many fantastic ideas online.

What are your favorites? What did you do when you announced, or what do you plan to do? Share in the comments, we want to hear!

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