Pregnancy FAQ

Pregnancy FAQ

You know those questions that pop into your mind when you find out you’re pregnant? They’re usually random, and of varying importance, but they wake you up in the early hours, demanding answers.

We chose five out of the hundreds of questions, and set out to find the answers you seek. After an exhaustive search, we’re prepared to share what we’ve learned.

(Note: We bring you the wisdom of others. Check with your physician before making any decisions based on this or any other information you find on the Web. Always a smart precaution!)

Q: Can I stay a redhead during pregnancy?
A: Yes, you can. Color your hair, or even get a permanent if you like.

Q: Can I eat my mother-in-law’s swordfish at our weekly dinner?
A: Sorry, but that’s a no-go. Certain fish have a lot of mercury, and that’s not good for the development of the fetus. A weekly serving of shrimp or snapper should be fine.

Q: I love my coffee. I can’t give up the caffeine.
A: That’s not in the form of a question, but we feel your pain. Many studies point to the possibility of a miscarriage if too much caffeine is consumed, particularly early in the pregnancy. Best not to guzzle the caffeine if you’re trying to get pregnant or find out you are pregnant. Check with your healthcare provider to determine if you can have caffeine, and if so, how much each day.

Q: How can I avoid stretch marks?
A: Wait, we’re wiping tears of laughter from our eyes. OK, sorry, but the bad news is none of us can avoid stretch marks. Good news is, they generally fade after a few months. Keep hydrated, exercise, rub the tummy with the right concoctions to keep the skin supple, and eat foods that are good for the skin—that’s about all we can do to battle the stretch marks of pregnancy.

Q: Monday margaritas with the peeps?
A: No. Just no.

That’s as far as we got in our research. Check back in a few weeks for more Qs and As. Share your random or on point questions in the comments, and we’ll see what we can find in the way of answers.




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