If there’s one person who gets ignored during a pregnancy, it’s the dad-to-be. Grandmas and grandpas get attention from their friends, baby’s siblings get extra attention from everyone, and of course the mom-to-be gets a spotlight.

The reward.

Dad, it’s up to you to participate in the events and discussions during pregnancy, and to help your pregnant partner with, well, everything.

If you do this, you will become part of the pregnancy and experience the excitement that burbles along under daily life for the 40 weeks of pregnancy.

Your partner will feel tired even when she looks like she’s as healthy as ever. Rewrite the chore chart, either mentally or literally, if you keep such a chart. Move some of her chores to your side of the to-do list.

Finish one-off tasks, such as building a deck or moving to a different home. Take advantage of the free time you have during pregnancy, because there won’t be as much of it after baby comes.

Plan shopping trips for nursery items, and go with your partner to pick out the big and little bits that go into a functional baby space.

Go with her to the prenatal visits. It’s a time to share in the pleasure of seeing baby develop and to support one another when need be.

Research the options for birth, and talk about them with your partner. Once a choice is made, find out all you can and help to choose the place.

Help your partner pack a bag for the hospital, or wherever she’s giving birth, and pack one for yourself. Most dads forget that part. They get pretty ripe after 48 hours of sweating through birth and helping to care for a brand new human.

Your partner will notice all of the ways you help, and will hold a deep and abiding appreciation for everything you’re doing.

When it comes time to deliver, be in the room and help her to get through it. Be an equal caretaker of the baby from the moment of birth, and your family will be a tight and loving unit.

Best of all, instead of being in your own orbit for 40 weeks, you’ll be right there in the middle of the pregnancy. You’ll be the go-to guy, and no one will forget that.

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