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5 Stocking Stuffers For Your Traveler

5 Stocking Stuffers For Your Traveler

It’s December — time for holiday parties, twinkling lights, and trying to find the right something for that traveler in your life.

We have five gift ideas that’ll make the most world-weary of wanderers smile.

Paper laundry soap. It’s dried detergent in the form of slips of paper. You pop out a sheet or three and toss in the washer with your dirty clothes. This stuff is amazing, and there are a variety of brands from which to choose. Search travel laundry soap on Amazon and see what comes up.

Mutliple time zone watches. Watches that show two or more time zones are a treat for the jet-lagged passenger. No more counting backward or forward XX number of hours. If your traveler is in Portugal and you’re in Poughkeepsie, you will no longer be getting 4:00 a.m. wake-up calls.

Luggage beverage holder. It’s a contraption that attaches between the vertical bars of your luggage tow handle — think gimbal ring. Once it’s in place, you can put your coffee or water bottle in the holder and tow away without worrying about your drink. Looks spot-on, and solves a small but constant problem.

Inflatable foot rest. Long flights are horrible, particularly for those traveling in economy class. An inflatable foot rest flattens to practically nothing when not needed, and when inflated provides welcome relief to legs that are cramped in a small area for hours at a time.

Reliefband. Whether your traveler is a newbie or a seasoned veteran, motion sickness can strike at any time. The nausea and vomiting that sometimes come with travel and its many forms of transportation can knock the hardiest individual for a loop. A Reliefband on the wrist controls those symptoms. Simple!

We’d love to read about your travel gift ideas. Share them in the comments for everyone to see, and happy holidays!

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