Are you concerned with your immunity? You may benefit from the Relifband Probiotic Treatment if...

You’re always sick

Between 70-80% of your immune cells are located in your gut.1 If the health of your gut is compromised, so is your immune system!

You’re moody or irritable

Feel anxious, depressed, or irritable? Your nerves and gut bacteria work together to produce chemicals like serotonin that regulate your mood.2

You’ve been on antibiotics

Antibiotics are used to eliminate harmful pathogens, but can also deplete beneficial bacteria.

You’re constipated

The microbiota in the gut release compounds that regulate bowel movements and keep things moving!3

You feel bloated or gassy

Some gut bacteria may overproduce gases that are difficult to expel or that disrupt bowel regularity.4

You have frequent diarrhea

Diarrhea and loose stool are signs that your digestive tract isn’t working as well as it could be.

You eat too much sugar

Sugar doesn’t just feed your cravings, it also feeds the bad bacteria in your gut.5 Probiotics can help keep their numbers down.

The Solution?

Whether you suffer from chronic digestive issues or just want to feel better, it can take some time and consistent care to fully restore your gut health.

Fortunately, Reliefband makes it easy.

Reliefband’s Daily Probiotic with GutGard is specially formulated to balance digestion and relieve common complaints by restoring good bacteria in the gut.*

Save money and feel your best for months to come by getting a 3 month supply of probiotics in a single shipment. We told you it was easy.

Why GutGuard?

Gutgard® is an innovative, clinically researched, bioactive for gut health. As opposed to focusing solely on deglycyrrhization, Gutgard® is a flavonoid-rich extract of G. glabra root. It is entirely different from deglycyrrhized licorice (DGL) with respect to chemistry and composition, manufacturing process, mechanisms of action and physicochemical properties.


Gutgard® is extracted using a soft and unique extraction process to capture the bioactive flavonoid chemistry of the plant. A classical extract like DGL does not contain any significant quantity of flavonoids. Most of the generic DGL-based extracts available in the market are by-products of a process to manufacture glycyrrhizin from licorice.

Gutgard® is standardized to contain ≥10% total flavonoids (w/w) and also ≤0.5% glycyrrhizin to avoid undesirable side effects. More than 50 flavonoids have been identified in Gutgard® by hyphenated analytical techniques like LC-MS, including isoflavans (glabridin), flavones (ex: licoflavone A), flavanones (ex: glabrol), chalcones (Ex: isoliquiritigenin), isoflavones (ex: Formononetin), etc. Batch to batch consistency of the flavonoid profile is monitored with the help of HPLC and other advanced analytical test methods. Licorice flavonoids have been shown to have beneficial activity for digestive complaints. Gutgard® itself has been clinically tested and shown to have efficacy for addressing these complaints. Gutgard® (with LC-MS based identification of flavonoids) showed far superior antiulcer (in-house report) and anti-Helicobacter pylori activity than regular aqueous based deglycyrrhizinated (DGL) extracts. Because of the concentrated nature of the flavonoids, the efficacious intake level for Gutgard® is much lower than that needed for DGL – 150 mg/day versus 1500 mg/day.