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"I had extreme motion sickness. I've used this on cruises, riding in back seats of vehicles and it has been a savior. Money well spent."

- Lisa L

"Money well spent! I love mine. I get motion sickness very easily and I recommend this to people all the time!!"

- Kim R

"This was amazing for morning sickness."

- Carrie W

"I absolutely LOVE mine! It's been a life saver for me on many occasions! I have a pretty severe case of motion sickness and it is an amazing RELIEF for me."

- Beverly S


This product is a life-saver, for me!!!

I purchased the Reliefband, around January of this year. Before that, for most of my childhood, and adult life (I'm 22 years old.) I had suffered from severe motion sickness, when getting into a car. When I wasn't driving, I could last maybe 5-10 minutes, before turning totally green...

I've tried every medication under the sun. Some of those would combat the feeling greatly. Although, my energy would suffer. I even went as far as heading to my local ear, nose, and throat doctor...

Right out of the gate. Before being told about any medications, the staff directed me to the Reliefband. Of course, at first, I was skeptical... Now, though? This product is a life-saver, for me!!!


- David L.

"I have used one for many years now. Can't fly, cruise without it.  I no longer need any medication. This band is great for me."

- Linda T

"This is the best thing ever. It has literally changed my life. I could not travel as a passenger in any car or in a plane or ship anywhere without extreme nausea. I really could not travel at all then I discovered this miracle I am so grateful. It really does work."

- Andrea H

"I was so sick during my first pregnancy that I got down to 85 pounds and was hospitalized twice. I used this my second pregnancy and only threw up once, and not a single time my third pregnancy! 14 years later and it still works."

- Carrie J

"Works great! Was taking flying lessons and my flight instructor told me about this, it worked great! Now I have my license!"

- Rich H

"I have this for years and can't begin to imagine my life or my sons without it! we both deal with extreme motion sickness and this TRULY WORKS! I went on a 10 day cruise and made it through the whole thing without one ounce of sickness. IT IS THE REAL DEAL!!!!"

- Shellene C

"I have used one of these on every trip I have taken, for many years. I wouldn't leave home without it. It saves me from motion sickness like nothing else has."

- Sheila S

"I have used a reliefband for many years for vertigo & motion sickness. It is the only thing that I use because it works without using medications. I have to use it when I travel or I would never go anywhere."

- Cathy F

"This little machine is a life changer. Have two of them now. Can't go without it."

- Barbara R

"This is the best thing I have ever used in my life for motion sickness!! Just flew from California, and never felt better! I would recommend this to everyone!"

- Deanne S

"I was hesitant. Bought it and it is amazing! Just flew to Hawaii and back with ZERO motion sickness. I usually get so dizzy when I fly...felt great! My daughter wore it on a rough boat ride on the ocean in Hawaii and ZERO motion sickness. Worth every penny!!!"

- Janis N

"Bought this for a trip to Disney and Universal. I don't do well with simulation rides and that is everything in Universal, also some coasters get to me. I wore this on all of the rides and did great! I did have to turn it all the way up for some and did some heavy breathing, but it worked. Previously, I'd take Dramamine but still get sick and be done for the day. I'd recommend the trying the relief band! I was hesitant because of the cost, but not feeling sick was worth the risk and I had also read a lot of the positive reviews on the website!"

- Amanda R

"I've suffered from car sickness for over 40 years. A friend suggested this a few months ago. It's wonderful. Weird, but it works."

- Jean M

"I'm a believer! It's a total game changer!"

- Jan S

"I was someone who HAD to be the driver because otherwise I'd get nauseous. Now, I can actually read while my husband drives. Amazing!!! And, life changing!"

- Gina E

"This really works. Friday night the ship rocked and rolled all night and I didn't get sick the whole week. Enjoyed my trip to Alaska. If you get motion sickness get one of these. Don't get the cheap ones, you get what you pay for."

- Dolly E