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The Things People Say

The Things People Say

It’s no secret that we think ReliefBand is a great example of wearable tech that kicks nausea’s behind.

But, we thought that maybe you’d like to hear what others are saying about ReliefBand. And it turns out, those people think we’re pretty great, too:)

MedicalDaily says we’re good at stopping nausea brought on by morning and motion sickness, and that induced by virtual reality (VR):

“Strapping on a headset, which puts you in a different world, can be a stomach-churning experience; not now with a wearable that fights nausea.”

Tekla Perry at IEEE Spectrum has quite a bit to say about wearing ReliefBand—we recommend reading her entire post, but here’s a snippet:

“It was a hairier drive to the city than usual that evening—due to road closures for Super Bowl events in San Francisco, we had to turn the navigation over to Waze, which sent us winding through narrow alleys and making frequent turns to get to our destination. To my shock, I felt fine. Absolutely fine. And my husband was feeling pretty good as well. ‘That’s the first time we’ve ever gone anywhere that you haven’t at least sighed, if not complained, when I came to a fast stop,’ he told me.”

Ms. Perry also has ideas for improving ReliefBand. We love it when people who use our product take the time to share suggestions with us!

A member on forum explained what she’d tried for morning sickness, then got to the point about her experience with ReliefBand:

“Anyway, it WORKS!”

That’s pretty self-explanatory!

On website, reviewer Alison discovered flying is a whole new ballgame with ReliefBand on your wrist:

“I loved how easy it was to put on and use – it literally took five minutes after getting it on to be ready and having it in use – the first time! I flew with no nausea and frankly wished that I could have had this band during my last pregnancy. It’s easy to turn on and off which means you can use it when you need it and not when you don’t which is great especially when you are pregnant or travelling for short periods of time.”

Well, we could go on. And on. But you get the idea.

We want to hear from you. Praise if you feel it, or ideas for improvement if you’d like to share. We are listening!

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