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The Secret To Controlling Morning Sickness

The Secret To Controlling Morning Sickness

During the first trimester of pregnancy, and for some throughout the entire pregnancy, nausea, retching, and vomiting due to morning sickness is a reality.

Morning sickness can happen at any time. You could be shopping, visiting a friend, or just taking a walk around the neighborhood—the nausea associated with morning sickness does not care where you are or what you are doing. This not so pleasant feeling can turn your entire day upside down.

To help get your day back on track within minutes, there is a drug-free technology that controls the nausea from morning sickness—the Reliefband® wearable device.

Originally developed for use in hospitals, the Reliefband® technology sends gentle pulses on the underside of your wrist, then uses the body’s own natural neural pathways to control nausea associated with morning sickness.

Clinically proven and recommended by nurses and OB/GYNs, Reliefband® is the choice of many pregnant women to help them feel better.

Since it is drug-free, you won’t have the side effects of safety issues associated with medications.

Scientifically studied, Reliefband® provides a drug-free, clinically proven solution that may help you get your day back on track.

Try it for yourself or give Reliefband® to someone you love to control the nausea associated with their morning sickness or motion sickness.

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