Road Trip Dreams

Road Trip Dreams

Here you are, smack dab in the middle of holiday season dreaming about next year’s road trips.

Why not, right? Road trips are part of our national psyche. They’re a rite of passage we embrace.

Where are you headed and when will you go? We have a few ideas, and hope to see you on the road in 2017!


Arizona stuns the senses with its beauty. You could spend the entire trip at the Grand Canyon, or leave time to see the rest of the state. Saddle up and ride through the Petrified Forest, pretend you’re in an old-time Western in Monument Valley, or hike among the red rocks of Sedona.


This one’s a long drive even if you live on the West Coast—Denali National Park and Preserve. That’s right, Alaska. You can hike, bike, backpack, camp, mountain climb, canoe, and fly around in a tiny plane. It’s the big outdoors! And did we mention the wildlife?


Vermont—it’s the perfect place for the season. This petite state is littered with byways that dive deep into ridiculously gorgeous scenery. Grab a gallon of maple syrup and start counting the covered bridges along the way. (There are over 100.)

It doesn’t matter where we end up, it’s the journey that we all love. Make sure you keep loving the journey by taking along a Reliefband for every passenger. (As we all know: carsickness + road trip = misery!)

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