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Motion Sickness Remedies

Motion Sickness Remedies

Many people love to travel. You say, “Let’s go to . . . “ and their bags are packed before you finish the sentence.

Some of us are not so eager. You start talking about a trip, we get clammy just thinking of the car/plane/train ride.

Motion sickness isn’t funny or fun, but there are ways we can combat that awful feeling and enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

In addition to ReliefBand, there’s a prescription patch (scopolamine) that works well for many, but it can’t be used on kids. For children, Dramamine or Benadryl may help.

Ginger or peppermint can reduce the symptoms of nausea, and keeping your face pointed toward fresh air is beneficial.

Nothing works 100 percent of the time for everyone. But, with ReliefBand and the other products and suggestions mentioned here, you have a good chance of finding something that works.

Don’t let motion sickness keep you at home. Get out there and enjoy the world!



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