Kids And Carsickness. Ugh.

Kids And Carsickness. Ugh.

Little kids are prone to carsickness. Not all of them (thank goodness), but some, and it’s important to know the symptoms so that you can head off disaster.

When your otherwise healthy child is riding in a car and is pale, beading up with a bit of sweat. complaining of nausea or simply cranky, yawning a lot, and of course most evident, vomiting, then chances are he or she is experiencing motion sickness.

The problem is, small children aren’t tall enough to see the horizon while sitting in a moving car, so their eyes tell them they’re not moving, but their bodies know that they are doing so. That contradictory feeling trips the nausea trigger in them and they feel carsick (motion sickness).

If you know your children are prone to carsickness, it may help to feed them some crackers and water or other nonsugary beverage before getting in the car. Getting something in their tummies helps with the nausea.

Keep cool air blowing on the children’s faces, and don’t let them focus on books or electronic games. It’s better if they listen to music or a story rather than stare at fixed objects in the car.

If symptoms persist, stop the car and let the kids walk about, get a drink of water, and have a light snack.

There are medications to counter motion sickness in children, but always check with the child’s provider before administering anything.

If you have any tips for other parents, please share in the comments!



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