Goodbye Morning Sickness

Goodbye Morning Sickness

You’re pregnant! It’s a happy time, filled with plans, a rapidly changing body, and not a little anxiety. When morning sickness shows up, it’s not a welcome guest. So, what do you do?

Have a nosh every three hours, or so. Stomachs do better with a bit of food in them when it comes to fighting nausea.

Don’t choose greasy or fatty foods. Proteins are good, and basic crackers or plain carbs fill the space without causing too much upset.

Try to keep air blowing toward your face, even a little breeze helps.

Stay hydrated—it’s important for general health and if you are vomiting occasionally, it’s even more critical that you keep those fluids incoming.

Ginger is known to help combat nausea. If you like the taste, find ways to incorporate it into your routine, maybe drink ginger tea or ginger ale as part of your hydration process.

We can’t finish a list like this without mentioning ReliefBand. Many women find that it helps control the symptoms of morning sickness.

Whatever you plan to try, talk with your provider to see if she has any suggestions and to make her aware of your plans.

We wish you a happy and nausea-free pregnancy!


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