Autumn Baby Shower!

Autumn Baby Shower!

It’s autumn, and you’re in charge of a baby shower!

Warm cider, pumpkin everything, deep vibrant fall colors — it’s going to be beautiful.

Pinterest is blowing up with thousands of cute ideas. We really love the tiny pumpkin pie-shaped cheesecakes.

Catch My Party has an exquisite antique baby shower concept that captures glints of autumn in its color palette.

Punchbowl has adorable ideas for fall-related games, including guests bringing baby pictures of themselves dressed up in costume. Everyone guesses who’s who.

Brit + Co has so many cute notions going on, it’s hard to choose between them, but we loved the petite apples scooped out to hold cider and a wee cinnamon stick.

Popsugar has 60+ charming baby shower ideas, some of which are fall-themed, and some of which can be adapted for fall.

Whatever you choose to do, mom-to-be will love it.

Don’t forget the glowing, tired star of the party. Set a little gift aside for her and she will love your thoughtfulness.

Pregnancy brings changes, and challenges, and joy. And, morning sickness. A Reliefband goes a long way toward combating the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. It does so without drugs, and without delay!

Well, you have a big job ahead of you. Share pictures of the decorations! We all love new ideas:)

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