5 VR Necessities

5 VR Necessities

Virtual Reality (VR) is a fascinating place because it can be any place you want. Sounds simple, but once experienced, you want more.

The VR world is exploding with growth. And peripherals, or accessories, are growing right along with it.

The Unlimited Hand looks like a cuff you put on your arm. Not fancy or scary, but when you’re in VR, it makes you feel the VR world. Imagine how advanced this will be in a couple of years.

Gloveone continues the Unlimited Hand concept but, as you’d guess, with gloves instead of a cuff. And, you wear gloves on both hands, so you’re truly immersed in the VR world. You can preorder this Kickstarter project by Neurodigital.

Reliefband® fits snug on your wrist. It’s a fast, effective way to control the nausea, retching, and vomiting associated with VR-related motion sickness. Push a button, set your power level, and play!

A simple yet appreciated accessory is VR Cover. Slip it on your headset and protect your expensive equipment from the sweat generated by having something clamped to your face.

The Roto VR Chair allows you to interact with the VR environment while remaining safely seated. With responsive head tracking and foot pedals, plus loads of other features, the chair elevates your VR experience.

Enjoy VR! Share your favorite peripherals/accessories in the comments. We love hearing about new tech.

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