5 Tech Products For New Parents

5 Tech Products For New Parents

Parenting babies is joyful and exhausting. Just when you take care of business on one end of the little bundle, the other end needs attention.

Nothing will change the eat, sleep, and cry habits of babies, but these tech gadgets might make your life a little easier.


For instance, a pacifier thermometer can take baby’s temperature and make baby happy. There are loads of brands on the market—just put the term into your browser and choose one.

You’ve heard the stories of parents fighting with car seats? Well, this seat installs itself, and shares real-time safety alerts with you via a smartphone app. It’s pricey, but the technology is fascinating.

Guess what? Baby can have a warm bottle of milk even if you’re out for a walk with no microwave in sight. Just shake this hand-held device and four minutes later, baby’s got warm milk.

Tracking baby’s weight is important. There’s a changing pad out now that works with your smartphone to weigh baby, determine how much fluid she took in during the last feeding, and count how many diaper changes she’s had.

For years there have been swings and hammock contraptions that rock baby to sleep. Now there are entire beds that do the same. Baby can stretch out and snooze all night, or just for an afternoon nap.

Go, explore, and find gadgets that work for you and your family.

As part of the wearable tech world, Reliefband® controls the symptoms of morning sickness. We love talking new tech! If you’ve found a tech device that helps your family, share the news in the comments! We’d all love to read about it.

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