5 Amazing Travel Bloggers

5 Amazing Travel Bloggers

Are you sitting on the couch watching TV and wondering why you’re not in a Parisian café? Or a New York theater? Or hiking the Grand Canyon?

Somewhere, doing something different?

If it’s because the thought of motion sickness when you travel is too much, well, we can fix that.

And, if you’re not sure where to go or what to do when you get there, these bloggers can help you have the time of your life.

Geraldine and her husband Rand travel — a lot. The Everywhereist isn’t a how-to kind of travel blog so much as it’s a how funny kind of blog.

If you like to read about faraway places and the offbeat experiences you can have while there (wherever there is), then go along with Geraldine, an award-winning blogger and soon-to-be published book author.

Dave and Deb are adventurers and, through their blog, seem determined that you become the same. The Planet D offers loads of travel tips and destination ideas you didn’t even know you needed.

Once you take a look at the gorgeous images D and D share, you’ll be packing your bags and calling the dog sitter — they’re just that good at what they do.

Travel industry veteran Dr. Paul Johnson takes it up a notch on A Luxury Travel Blog.

If you like to be pampered on your journey and spoiled during your stay, subscribe to this blog. The tips and notes on destinations are comprehensive, and your vacation research and prep time will be cut in half if you become a dedicated reader.

Stephanie at Twenty-Something Travel worked, saved money by living with her parents, then took off to see the world. Her blog is now one of the top-rated travel sites on the Web.

A glance at the home page of her blog shows articles such as How Not To Get Murdered Abroad, A First Time Guide To Palawan, and Hiking And Road Tripping In Bosnia: How To Avoid Land Mines. Well, OK then. Essentially, she shows you how to have fun and be safe, and that’s a good thing.

Matthew doesn’t watch much TV — he’s out there living his life every single day.

At Expert Vagabond, he takes readers on his journeys through thrilling stories, images, and videos. He’s also generous with his travel tips, telling readers how to find cheap accommodations and what accessories are must-haves for adventure travel.

There are thousands of travel bloggers on the Web sharing their lives and stories each day. We’d love to hear about your favorites, just share a link in the comments!

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